Friday Favorites 3-3-2017

Oh, honey!

Happy Friday, y’all! Here are my favorite stories from the week. I hope they make you smile!


1. This UGA super-fan

Virginia Souter was surprised with UGA tickets (Source: WALB)

Virginia Souter (WALB)

This lovely lady is a die-hard UGA fan. I went to that school for four years, and I still don’t have as much Georgia-themed stuff as her! Mrs. Virginia lives at Pruitt Health in Sylvester, GA. The administrator of the facility surprised Mrs. Virginia on Monday with tickets to see the Dawgs plays basketball against the Auburn Tigers. She traveled to Athens on Wednesday to watch the game and cheer on our boys. And her cheering certainly paid off! UGA beat Auburn 79-78 in Wednesday’s game. Stories like these make me even more grateful for my four years at the finest school in the land! Learn more about Mrs. Virginia here.



2. This guy rapping about his cat


Y’all. I discovered this guy on Facebook earlier this week and immediately fell in love. This is Moshow the Cat Rapper. And he is my new Internet best friend. He has a ton of awesome videos, pictures, memes, and just all-around wonderfulness on his page. Any man who loves cats is my kind of man. Go check him out, y’all!


3. These adorable boys

Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon (Source: Lydia Rosebush)

Jax Rosebush and Reddy Weldon (Source: Lydia Rosebush, (WAVE)

These handsome fellas are best friends at their Louisville school. Jax Rosebush (left) told his mom that he wanted to get his hair cut really close and short so he would look like his best friend Reddy. He thought it would be hilarious to try to confuse his teacher by having the same haircut as his friend. As you can see, Reddy is black, but Jax only sees the differences in their hair. Jax’s mom posted this sweet and innocent story on her personal Facebook, and the Internet has just loved every bit of it. Today’s world can sometimes seem so full of hate and divisiveness, but moments like this can help us all remember that we aren’t as different as we may seem. Check out the full story here.


4. Mean Tweets: Oscar Edition (WARNING: Colorful language ahead)


If you’ve never watched Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” segments, you should definitely check them out. The crazy snafu with the Best Picture award has been the most talked about aspect of this year’s awards, but these Oscar Mean Tweets are way more entertaining!


5. Dr. Seuss’ Birthday


The beloved children’s author would have been 113 years old on Thursday. To mark this amazing man’s special day, schools and libraries across the country participate in Read Across America to encourage children to read. Teaching children the importance of reading is almost as important as teaching them the skills to read. Learn more about Read Across American here.


I hope at least one of these stories made y’all smile! Have a happy and smile-worthy weekend!



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