Friday Favorites 6-16-2017

Oh, honey!

Happy Friday, y’all! I had the best birthday last Friday, and I hope y’all enjoyed the 24 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. For now, though, it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled programming, so here’s my list of Friday Favorites for the past week!


1. This awesome shoutout!


As y’all know, I’m a very proud graduate of the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Tituss Burgess, the flawless and fabulous co-star of Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is also a proud UGA alumnus! He and Ryan Seacrest (another Dawg) discussed the phenomenon that is feta fries with Kelly Ripa earlier this week. Feta fries can be found at The Grill–an Athens staple and football day tradition. Every single Dawg knows exactly the beauty and amazingness Burgess and Seacrest are discussing, and we all wish we could have a steaming hot plate delivered to us right now!


2. This adorable love story

PHOTO: Ollie and Donald King's granddaughter arranged for the lovebirds to have a photo shoot on their farm in Crab Orchard, Ky. (



Ollie and Donald King from Crab Orchard, Kentucky, will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary in September. Their granddaughter, Ashley Owen, who is “obsessed” with their love story arranged for the couple to have a special photo shoot on their farm to mark their anniversary. The pictures were taken on their 100-acre farm that couple still tends every single day. A former preacher and quilt-maker, respectively, Donald and Ollie have always tried to remain humble and keep God at the center of their marriage. I was blessed with some amazing grandparents and great-grandparents myself, so this story really touches my heart. True love never dies; it only gets better with age.


3. A good reason to dance


15-year-old Amari Hall recently received a heart transplant at University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Amari had been in the hospital since December due to a birth defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which required several surgeries before his transplant. Merely six days after his transplant in March, Amari celebrated the successful surgery the best way possible–by dancing. This adorable young man will be heading back to high school in the fall, and I certainly hope to see him dancing his way to graduation soon!


4. This wonderful sibling bond

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting


Y’all, I cannot get enough of this story! Jacee wanted to simply be in the room when her youngest sibling was born. She got a whole lot more! When Jacee’s mother was ready to push, her awesome doctor asked Jacee if she wanted to help. What followed was an amazing and life-changing experience as well as some pretty great photos. Jacee wanted to be a veterinarian but is now considering a career as an OB/GYN. I first saw this story and the photos on the Love What Matters Facebook page. Go check it out, y’all! Warning: tears will fall!


5. An unforgettable moment


I couldn’t find very much information on this video, other than it’s somewhere in Ohio, and that sweet little boy’s name is Drew. We don’t really need any background information, though, to see what an unforgettable moment this was for the father/son duo, as well as the players on both teams.



Okay, I think I might have caused more tears than smiles this week. Sorry, y’all. Wash off that smeared makeup and put on some leggings because it is officially the weekend!


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