Friday Favorites 6-23-2017

Oh, honey!

It’s finally Friday! What a week! I hope these five stories can make you smile a little bit and get your weekend off right!


1. This Singing Sensation


This little girl is too dang cute! 4-year-old Sophia and the rest of her class sang songs from Disney’s Moana as part of their Pre-K graduation in Miami, Florida, earlier this month. Sophia’s mom said the class was supposed to do a “sweet and mellow” rendition of the song, but Sophia “seemed to have missed that memo!” I think Sophia is destined for a career in show business! That is one passionate young lady! Honestly, how else are you supposed to sing Disney songs?!


2. A Very Big Surprise

Dara Crouch, a 29-year-old Columbus woman, said she never could have imagined a photograph of her reaction to the birth of her son, Liam, on April 25 would make worldwide news.

I’ve just loved every single photo from this local story! Dara Crouch is a 29-year-old mother from Columbus, Georgia. The women in her family had not given birth to a boy for 50 years…until April 25th when Dara had little Liam. Dara and her husband already have a 3-year-old girl and did not want to know the sex of their newest baby beforehand Photographer Neely Ker-Fox was there to capture the special moment and got quite a picture as Dara realizes she has just given birth to the first boy in her family in decades.


3. A Few Good Men

Source: Polk County Sheriff's Office

Here’s another awesome local story! Six inmates on work detail in Polk County, Georgia, came to the aid of an officer after he passed out from the heat. The inmates used the officer’s phone to dial 911 and even began first aid. All six of the inmates were set to be released in the next three to six months, but because of their actions will all be released today. You really can’t judge a book by its cover, y’all!


4. This Sweet Love Story

In yet another local story (sorry not sorry), we find a truly heartwarming tale of love and redemption. Val Webb and Sherry Jackson were both army brats who fell in love in high school in Columbus, Georgia. Like most high school sweethearts, their love ended as college and the real world began. Several years later–after college, marriages, divorces, children, and heartbreaks–the two found their love again, right back home in Columbus. After nearly twenty years together, Sherry and Val wanted to continue their fairy-tale romance with a fairy-tale house. In the Historic District of Columbus, not far from the river, Sherry and Val have made quite the home.


5. Just…this


I wish Binx would dance with me like this, but I’d probably get clawed to death!



I hope I was able to put a smile on your face today! Have a happy and safe weekend, y’all!



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