Friday Favorites 10-6-2017

It’s hard to write a “feel-good” post today. After the horrific events in Las Vegas this week, I battled over whether or not it was appropriate to write my usual happy, go-lucky Friday post. It seems kind of disrespectful to talk about how happy and smiley we are when 58 families are grieving. But then I realized that there’s no better time than now to remember all the good in the world.

Today’s Friday Favorites will feature a few of my go-to things that always seem to help me in times of tragedy or loss. I hope they help all of you as well.


1. “Can We Be Funny?”

Image result for snl after 9-11


When I was a little girl, my mom would sometimes let me stay up really late and watch Saturday Night Live. I was just eight years old when our entire world changed in September of 2001. I was scared, and I didn’t really understand what was going on or how I was supposed to feel. A few weeks after the attacks, SNL began their 27th season with a special message from New York mayor Rudy  Giuliani and members of the NYC police and fire departments.

I didn’t always understand the adult humor in SNL, but I did get this. I understood that it was okay to be funny, to laugh, to smile, to feel happy. I find myself returning to this same clip when a new tragedy strikes our world. I hope it makes y’all smile a little today.


2. “Look For the Helpers.”


We’re never too old for Mister Rogers. Sometimes, I think I’m still a little kid. I see scary things in the news and just want to run home to my parents. I do my best to make Mister Rogers proud and always look for the helpers. And there were plenty of helpers in Las Vegas. From the man who saved over 30 others–even with a bullet in his neck, to the couple who drove injured victims to the hospital in their truck, to the many first responders who were simply doing their jobs; there were many helpers.


3. “Do good.”


Boy Meets World is my all-time favorite show. It taught me a lot of important lessons that are sometimes hard to learn from parents. Most importantly, though, it taught me that doing “good” in life is far more important than doing well. In times after tragedies, I do my best to do good. I think we all do. People waited in line for hours to donate blood and started a Go Fund Me for victims almost immediately after the attack. We all just do the best we can at doing good.


4. “The Flag Was Still There.”

(Sorry for the poor quality. This is the only version I could find.)


Craig Ferguson has always been my favorite late-night talk show host. I fell asleep to his voice many nights in my younger years. In 2006, on the 5th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, Craig opened his show by sharing his own personal story from that infamous Tuesday morning. Something about the way he tells it reminds me that everything will be okay. Our world changes a little everytime something like this happens. But one thing that will never change is that the flag will never fall. Our country is strong and resilient and can weather any storm we meet.


5. “Be Strong and Courageous.”

Image result for deuteronomy 31 6

This is my favorite Bible verse. I read it and write it again and again when I’m feeling lost or stressed or scared. And I’m feeling all of those right now. Maybe you are too. It’s hard to remember through all of the pain and fear that we are children of a loving and merciful Father. As a nation, we need to remember to be strong, to be courageous, and that our Lord will not forsake us.




Sometimes our world feels too big and too dark–like no one else in this whole place feels the way we do. These videos and images remind me that the world really isn’t that big, that it isn’t that dark. They help me remember that we all mourn, we all grieve, and we all feel things we simply can’t describe. They remind me that it’s okay to laugh, to cry, to be angry, to be kind.




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