For the Weird Girls

God, why I am I so weird? Why can’t I just fit in?

I can’t even begin to count the number of times in my life I’ve asked these questions. I really am completely and utterly weird. It used to be the thing I hated most about myself, but I’ve come to truly love and accept my weirdness.

Weird comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be too loud, too quiet, too much makeup, not enough makeup, too tall, too short. My particular brand of weirdness happens to be nerdy, too bookish, too opinionated, and not ladylike enough. In my 24 years of life, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about my weirdness that I think all you weird girls out there might need to know.


1. It’s okay to be weird.

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The world would be a very boring place if it weren’t for weird people like you. It’s always okay to be different, strange, odd, weird, or whatever else you choose to be. Just be kind to others and love as much as you can–in your own weird way, of course!


2. It won’t kill you.

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I promise. As far as I can tell, no one has actually ever died of weirdness. Once, I tried to be less weird and attempted to wear high-heels, and that nearly killed me. So it’s always safest to just be your weird self.


3. But it is hard.

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As awesome as it is to be weird, there are often difficulties, too. When you’re younger, you just want to fit in. I sure did. Being weird can really get in the way of that, which, honestly, sometimes sucks. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. I won’t lie. Being weird can be really hard sometimes, but it’s still not the end of the world.


4. They’ll call you names.

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This one is especially hard for some of us. For years, I only wanted people to like me. I would do whatever I needed to do–change my hair, wear uncomfortable clothes, keep my opinions to myself–to make sure everyone liked me. But, man that’s exhausting! And guess what? People will dislike you and call you names no matter who you’re pretending to be, so you might as well be your true weird self. I’ve been called every name in the book, and, yes, it does hurt. But remember that it doesn’t matter what you’re called, only what you answer to.


5. You might lose friends.

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Another tough part of being weird is letting go and being let go. It hurts either way. Being weird makes it hard to fit in and be like everyone else, which means some ‘friends’ might not want to be your friend anymore. But, my momma always told me that if kids didn’t want to be my friends because of who I was and the things I enjoyed, then they were never really friends to begin with.


6. But you’ll get stronger.

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I won’t lie; middle school and high school were probably the hardest years of my life. I think that’s true for most weird girls. I lived through it, though, and developed a much thicker skin and a greater sense of confidence. You’ll get through it, too, and you’ll be amazed at how strong it makes you.


7. You’ll learn more about yourself.

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You’ll learn how to use your own weird and awesome skills and how to compensate for some of your weaknesses. Your weirdness comes with its advantages, and over time, you’ll learn to use them.


8. You may even change.

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And, hey, that’s okay! The thing about weirdness is that it’s–well, weird. I’m still just as weird as I was as a teenager, just in a different way. It’s okay to grow and learn, change your mind, and try new things! Just don’t ever let someone else change you. You decide what changes you make in your own life and no one else.


9. You’ll grow into your weirdness.

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Sometimes your weirdness can feel like a huge block on your shoulder; it can be really hard to carry. But don’t worry! That block will eventually seep into who you are; it’ll become part of you. Your weirdness will fuel your fiercest passions and your wildest dreams.

Are you the weird girl who likes drawing cartoon characters? You might become an artist or cartoonist!

What about the weird girls who play sports? You could go pro–or at least get help paying for college!

Your weirdness will never define you, but it is part of what makes you so unique and wonderful!


10. You’ll learn to love yourself.

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Through all the name-calling, the failing to fit in, the fair-weather friends, and the awkwardness of adolescence, you’ll one day learn to love every inch of your weirdness. Not only will you love it, you’ll own it like a dang queen! You’re going to do such amazing, wonderful, and unique things because of that weirdness inside of you!


From one weird girl to another: stay weird. Stay loud, stay opinionated, and don’t ever be afraid to take up space. Never be afraid to be your weird, strange, odd, different, wacky, silly self!


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