Friday Favorites 10-27-2017

Oh, honey!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s sure been a busy week! Let’s all take a moment to prepare for the weekend with these great stories!


1. The Sweetest Introduction


How sweet is this?! That handsome fella is five years old and has autism. This is him meeting his baby brother for the first time. It can be really hard to know how a child with autism will respond to a new situation, so this is just so heartwarming! Check out A Special Community for more!


2. The Greatest Big/Lil Reveal Ever

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, beard and outdoor

Y’all, I’ve been laughing at this for days! The campus officers at Northwest Missouri State University had a lot of fun with their sorority-girl-inspired photo shoot. I love all my sorority-involved ladies, but this is too dang funny!


3. A Beautiful Wedding


A few months ago I shared the story of Will, Ashley, and Hannah. Will and Ashley had been dating for several years when Will knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ashley. Her sister Hannah has Down Syndrome and Diabetes and will always require care. When Ashley’s parents are gone, she will be Hannah’s full guardian. Will knew the special bond between these sisters and incorporated Hannah into his proposal last year. When the couple married a couple weeks ago, it was no different. Hannah and Will exchanged vows to be best friends forever. I’m in tears, y’all.


4. Til Death Do Us Part

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, wedding and outdoor

Jesse Mclaren, a Buzzfeed staff writer, took photos for his sister’s engagement. It seems like a sweet gesture until you look a little more closely. Jesse photoshopped Pennywise the Clown into every picture! See if you can find them all and scare yourself like I did!


5. Brocktoberfest

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling

Brock Chadwick was diagnosed with High-Grade Glioma, a rare type of brain cancer. His favorite holiday is Halloween, so the family asked their friends to send Brock Halloween cards and fun movies so he could fully enjoy his favorite day. “Brocktoberfest” has grown to a worldwide phenomenon, with Brock’s family receiving thousands of cards from all over the world! Go check out Brock’s page and see all the cool stuff he’s gotten. You can also donate here to help the family with medical expenses. Happy Halloween, Brock!


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