Friday Favorites 11-10-2017

Oh, honey!

I’m wishing a very happy Friday to y’all today! I’m trying to not get too happy excited today as my Dawgs will be playing Auburn tomorrow! It’s a nerve-racking game every single year! Take a moment and distract yourselves with me with these sweet stories.


1. An animal hero


I found this video this week, and I am so in love! Y’all know I love cows, so this is literally my dream life!


2. “Twins”

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, child and outdoor

Sweet Zuri and Jia told friends at a birthday party that they were twins. When the other girls said there was no way they could be twins as they are different colors, the girls responded by saying they are indeed twins because they share the same birthday! I wish more adults could see things this way. We really aren’t that different.


3. Okay, this one will make you cry


Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This man lost both of his fur-babies, so his family decided to bring some much-needed joy back into his life.


4. Tambourine Grandma


Y’all, I cannot get enough of this one! I was in the high school marching band for five years, and I never had that much rhythm or soul. If this doesn’t make you wanna dance, I don’t know what will!



5. Stepping Up


This amazing principal joined her school’s step team and really showed out! I love seeing teachers and administrators go the extra mile to connect with their students. It makes such a difference.


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