Friday Favorites 12-15-2017

Oh, honey!

Happy Friday, y’all! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Take a break from your last-minute shopping and check out these great stories!


1. What a Cutie!


Y’all know I love cows, so when I came across this adorable video on Facebook this week, I couldn’t just not share it.


2. A Smart Young Man


Sixteen-year-old Ayrton Little just found out he’s going to Harvard. Little was surrounded by classmates and friends when he learned that he had been accepted to Harvard’s 2019-20 academic year. It’s been 7 years since I learned I had been accepted to UGA, and I can still remember that rush of excitement and disbelief I felt looking at that computer screen. I wish Mr. Little luck in his exciting future endeavors!


3. A Generous Gift

The school system posted the announcement on its Facebook page. (Source: Facebook)

The Lee County School System in Leesburg, GA, received quite the gift earlier this week. Owner of S & S Roofing and Construction, Mike Strickland, learned the student meal charges at Lee County Schools was over $6,000. He decided to step in and paid off all students’ balances, allowing them to start the new semester with a clean slate. What a wonderful Christmas gift!


4. A Bit of Goodwill


Customers and employees at the Norwalk, Ohio, Goodwill got quite the surprise when this fella started playing the piano for sale at the store! What a great show!


5. A Chance to Dance


Corbin and Zoe love to dance and show the world what they can do! These two talented kids dance with a group called A Chance to Dance, which provides individuals with a special needs a way to learn and enjoy the beauty of dance. How awesome is this, y’all?


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Is everyone done shopping for Christmas? Good luck if you’re still looking for those last-minute items!


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