Friday Favorites 12-22-2017

Oh, honey!

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays, y’all! I cannot believe Christmas is only a few days away! While I’m sure everyone is pretty happy and excited already, here are a few sweet stories to get even the Grinchiest of us in the holiday spirit!


1. A Sweet Reunion


Appling County middle and high school had quite the Christmas band concert earlier this week. This little town is a county over from where I grew up, and I couldn’t be prouder to be from this area. What a sweet Christmas reunion!


2. Christmas in Columbus


These hilarious dudes in the area made this awesome music video to get us all in the Christmas spirit!


3. A Very Big Gift

Major League Baseball pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi gifting their 32,000 square foot home, including more than 100 acres, on Table Rock Lake to Camp Barnabas. (Source: Camp Barnabas)

Texas Rangers pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi just gave quite the gift. The couple bought a $9 million mansion, sitting on over 100 acres of land in Missouri. However, Cole was traded to the Texas Rangers before the couple was ever able to move into their new home. Rather than sell it, they gifted it. Cole and Heidi gave their 32,000 square-feet mansion to Camp Barnabas, an organization that provides children with special needs and chronic illnesses as well as their siblings with life-changing experiences. What an amazingly generous gift, just in time for Christmas!


4. A Home for the Holidays

Gilbert Pfisterer, right, gets the keys to his new home from friend Matt Ladner on Thursday.

Gilbert Pfisterer, a World War II Merchant Marine, living in Picayune, MS, just received a special Christmas gift. Matt Ladner first met “Mr. Gilbert” earlier this year when he stopped by to fix a broken-down car. When he saw the conditions the veteran was living in, he knew he wanted to do something. With the help of generous donations, lots of volunteer work, and a huge helping hand from Habitat for Humanity, Mr. Gilbert has a brand new home just in time for Christmas.


5. The Meaning of the Season


It’s so easy to forget that Christmas isn’t just about gifts or lights or Mariah Carey songs. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, without whom our sins would never be forgiven. Christ preached love, kindness, and acceptance–things we so often and easily forget. One young woman will never forget, however.

Jessica McCutcheon of Greenville, South Carolina, just won back custody of her three children after struggling with drug addiction. Meredith Shannon fostered Jessica’s 2-year-old daughter for nearly a year and never once doubted Jessica’s ability to be a good mother. Meredith gave Jessica a very special gift from a generous community. I hope we can all strive to be this accepting and giving in the coming days.



Happy Friday and Merry Christmas, y’all!


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