Friday Favorites 1-5-2018

Oh, honey!

Happy New Year, y’all! It’s already been a busy few days of this new year. I hope everyone is enjoying this cold weather because I most certainly am not! Cuddle up and check out these hear-warming stories!


1. Lunch is Served


New Orleans native Colleen Loria wanted to something nice and take her husband lunch at work. As y’all know, the Deep South has been experiencing some seriously cold weather, so Loria had to get a little creative with her lunch delivery to avoid going out in the cold. Fortunately, her husband works at the bank so she was able to do this. How cute, y’all!


2. A Magical Nurse


Y’all, this is too awesome! What an amazing nurse! Anyone who’s ever taken a child to the doctor for their shots knows just how stressful it can be (usually more so for us grown folks than the kids!). But this nurse made it like magic!


3. The (Im)Perfect Proposal


After a rough year, this cute couple got engaged in the most realistic way possible. Honestly, I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen when my husband proposed a few years ago!


4. Baltimorese


I freaking love this! As a born and raised Southerner, I am no stranger to weird pronunciations or the creation of new words entirely. We actually have a good bit in common with y’all Baltimore folks!


5. Smellin’ the Roses

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, crowd, plant and outdoor

Y’all. I’m honestly still a little speechless. As you may know, our Georgia Bulldogs won the Rose Bowl! After 75 years, our Dawgs took the trip all the way to Pasadena for one heck of a game. From the largest comeback in Rose Bowl history (overcoming a 17-point deficit) to the longest field goal in Rose Bowl History (a 55-yarder kicked by Hot Rod Blankenship) to the only Rose Bowl to go into overtime (2 overtimes, to be exact), our Dawgs made it a game we won’t soon forget. Monday our boys get their first chance at the national championship in my lifetime in the all-SEC game against Alabama. Win or lose, I’ll still be bleeding red and black, y’all! Go Dawgs!


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