A Hike a Day: 25 in 25 Bucket List

I crossed the first thing off my bucket list, y’all!

June 25th was our 2nd wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, we took a short trip to the North Georgia mountains in Ellijay. We took a short hike with our dog Atticus and had the time of our lives! As promised, here’s a detailed account of my first Bucket List item!

There are a few nature trails in our area where I take Atticus fairly regularly, but we’ve never actually been on a real hike. We searched dog-friendly hiking trails in the Ellijay area and found the Bear Creek trail and camping site. The trail was less than a mile from our cabin, so we didn’t have to get up too early (thank goodness!).

The shorter part of the trail (2.5-ish miles total) brings you to the Gennett Poplar–the 2nd largest tree in Georgia. We stopped here for a while to let Atticus play in the stream (he loved that, y’all!) and to look around and enjoy the scenery.

I haven’t been a very outdoorsy person in my adult-life; though, as a girl, I was quite the tomboy adventurer. Now, I’m much more likely to watch a nature documentary on Netflix. But there was something about that mountain, something about that hike that made me remember that child adventurer still inside me. I walked alongside Cole and Atticus, thinking more deeply than I have in a while. I took time to look and to actually see the world around me.

Our mountain trip was certainly one to remember! We disconnected from the world and reconnected with one another. It was perfect way to spend our last getaway before Cole heads off to basic training in September. I’m so glad I was able to cross this item off my bucket list in the best way with my favorite fella! Stay tuned for more bucket list cross-offs, y’all!

Image result for goonies i hate nature gif

Me before a hike

Image result for i love nature gif

Me during the hike



Here are a few pictures from our awesome hike in the mountains!


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